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The form of thermogenesis in humans activated by Nuvo Gene Tea® is called Diet-Induced-Thermogenesis (DIT) and is well known in the scientific literature. Nuvo Gene Tea® produces a DIT thermogenic effect, de novo lipogenesis, as well as carbohydrate oxidation (burning) in a Proprietary Low Glycemic matrix.


Nuvo Gene Tea® programs the body to burn fat and to create maximum energy without causing blood sugar swings, reactive hypoglycemia or ketosis. Nuvo Gene Tea® contains a specially formulated Energy Matrix that provides sustained and balanced high energy levels and a unique energetic blend designed to provide maximum energy enhancement in humans.


Nuvo Gene Tea® is formulated to help manage hunger by reducing Stress-Related-Eating (SRE) and False-Food-Cravings.

Hunger and low blood sugar are major barriers to diets and healthy weight management. One of the biggest problems is hunger, including post-meal hunger. When there is less chance of hunger, there’s less chance of temptation. Sometimes, you are not actually hungry, but you still have an appetite and craving for something sweet. This is not caused by true physical hunger, but by brain-cravings for more carbohydrates (False-Food-Cravings).

In order to combat Stress-Related-Eating (SRE) and False-Food-Cravings, the human body requires the opposite of Glucose-elevation, which is a Low Glycemic Matrix. The Low Glycemic Matrix does not stimulate glucose, and conversely blocks False-Food-Cravings. The unique Matrix found in Nuvo Gene Tea® provides a mechanism for blocking fat-storage and glucose-fat-storage.

This makes it easier to eat less, reduce calorie intake with smaller portions and control between meals snacking to meet weight loss goals.


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 2 billion people worldwide are obese or overweight. This means that 1/3 of all persons over the age of fifteen are either overweight or obese.

These alarming statistics can be blamed on the wide availability of food, the focus on eating in our environment, lack of exercise, and the fat-storing properties of foods and beverages.

Genetic researchers note that human genetics have not changed in the last 100 years, but lifestyle and environment have, and this exacerbates fat-storage of foods and beverages.


They definitely could be. Scientists have discovered a commonly occurring obesity gene called FTO that is found in a large percent of the population.

The FTO gene occurs in over half the people of European descent, and scientists are now studying the DNA of African Americans and Asians to determine the percent of non-Europeans that have the FTO gene. The study included 40,000 human subjects, which is one of the largest studies ever conduced on obesity. Results were conclusive; the FTO variant causes weight gain, obesity, and type 2 diabetes in humans.

The FTO gene variant regulates the amount of fat in the body and explains why some people are more overweight than others, while eating the same foods. The impact of the gene depends on whether an individual has inherited one or two copies of the FTO variant. Persons who have two-copies of the FTO gene are 70 percent more likely to be obese than non-carriers of the gene.

This equates to a hard-wired internal fat-storing mechanism that piles on the weight and excess body fat in persons carrying the gene.

The impact of the discovery of this gene is significant. Pharmaceutical researchers are rushing to identify and patent new drugs that will help control weight in persons with active FTO genes because the biological mechanism behind the FTO gene regulates weight control and body fat, and plays a role in appetite-regulation.

Nuvo Gene Tea® is the only non-drug product that addresses this genetic risk-factor for obesity in humans.


Two main factors determine the actions of the FTO gene. One is exercise and the other is what you eat and drink.

In a study of more than 700 Amish people, the FTO gene had no appreciable effect on their weight, because of their diet and exercise regimens. Amish persons are extremely physically active, which helps negate the effects of the FTO gene. They walk instead of drive, and they do not eat the typical American diet. Their diet consists of home-grown fruits and vegetables. The Amish do not ingest soft drinks, fast-foods, high glycemic foods and snacks.

In order to address the weight gain and fat-storing effects of the FTO gene, Nuvo Gene Tea® scientists consulted with world leading human geneticists. This research allowed Nuvo Gene Tea® scientists to integrate preventive measures related to fat-stimulating genetic variants, and has authored a paper on this topic:

The Nuvo Gene Tea® formula addresses the underlying mechanisms related to weight gain, obesity, and genetic variants that trigger the storage and formation of belly fat (adipose tissue fat).

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