Nuvo Gene Tea®

DIT Thermogenic Fat-Burning
Maximum Natural Energy
Hunger & Stress-Eating Control
Anti-Glucose Matrix
Beating the Obesity Gene

Nuvo Gene Tea® is a patented, safe and efficacious product for weight management, fat-burning, hunger-control, and high energy levels.

Nuvo Gene Tea®
is the only non-drug product that addresses genetic risk-factors for obesity in humans.

Dedicated to improving health and wellness worldwide, Skinny Science®'s® Nuvo Gene Tea® is a delicious Peach Mango Green Tea designed to address the difficulties associated with excess body fat, diets, and hunger-management. Additionally, Nuvo Gene Tea® provides maximum natural energy levels.

Nuvo Gene Tea®
fusion for sustained energy
& fat burning

An Exclusive SKINNY SCIENCE® Product

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